Appellate Law

Sniffen & Spellman, P.A.’s attorneys represent clients in appellate litigation in Florida's state and federal courts. The firm represents a wide range of businesses and organizations in civil and administrative appeals involving all aspects of civil litigation with a particular focus on appeals of labor and employment, civil rights, state and local government, education, and constitutional law matters. The firm's lawyers have appeared in the Supreme Court of the United States, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court of Florida, and Florida's district courts of appeal.

Sniffen and Spellman’s attorneys also provide advice and counsel to lawyers at the trial court level to help position cases for ultimate success on appeal. In matters in which an appeal is expected to be filed, the firm’s lawyers provide assistance at the trial court level with ensuring a complete record on appeal, preserving issues for appeal, and posturing cases for the highest chances of success on an anticipated appeal.