Civil Rights Defense

Sniffen & Spellman, P.A.’s attorneys defend public and private sector clients across the state concerning lawsuits filed under federal or state civil rights laws or local ordinances.  We also provide clients with training, policy development, and preventive counsel to assist them in complying with these laws and regulations.  Please click the arrows next to the practice area to access more information regarding the following Civil Rights Defense areas.

Law Enforcement & Police Misconduct Defense

Our police and corrections liability practice area is focused on the defense of local and state government agencies as well as police and correctional officers sued in their individual and official capacities. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending a wide variety of civil rights litigation brought pursuant to “Section 1983” including violations of the Fourth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, as well as a variety of state law claims. We are well versed in the immunities available to agencies and individuals and are cognizant of the public scrutiny and media intensive nature of police liability litigation.

First Amendment Litigation

The Firm has extensive experience representing school districts and other public bodies in claims filed under the religion clauses, as well as the free speech clause, of the First Amendment. Our attorneys have defended public bodies in several high profile cases that garnered statewide, national and international attention. We are also frequently retained to provide training and policy development on behalf of public sector entities in order to avoid litigation.

ADA Title III Access

In addition to our representation of employers in ADA claims, the Firm also represents apartment complexes, shopping centers, municipalities and other property owners defending access litigation brought under Title III of the ADA. We also provide preventative advice and consult with clients regarding regulatory compliance with the extensive regulations promulgated under Title III so that litigation can be avoided.

Fair Housing

Our Firm represents commercial property owners and landlords in fair housing claims filed under federal, state and local laws and ordinances. Our fair housing attorneys also provide transactional advice and fair housing audits for our institutional clients to assist them in complying with the laws and rules that govern their establishments.

Voting Rights Act Litigation

The Firm provides advice to governmental entities with respect to redistricting issues and defends claims filed under the U.S. Constitution and the Voting Rights Act.